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Since 2012, TLA (Tiffin-Lavers and Associates Ltd) has been trading as Machine Language Ltd.

What we do

For twenty-two years, we have been building websites with the functionality of desktop applications.

These include:

  • Intranets, extranets and portals
  • Custom-built content management systems
  • Custom-built CRM solutions
  • Library cataloguing systems
  • Online student applications systems
  • Online form design and publishing systems
  • E-learning content
  • Streaming media applications
  • E-commerce sites

Our design approach focuses on:

  • Flat design teams
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Ease of use and accessibility
  • On-going development in defined value steps
  • Online administration facilities for maintenance and updating

Who we work for

We have worked for a wide range of clients including London Business School, Global Knowledge, Bravo Television and Dell Computer Corporation (see a full list of our clients).


Technologies that we regularly use include:

  • CSS
  • ECMAScript (JavaScript)
  • Streaming media
  • Classic ASP
  • XML
  • SQL Server
  • T-SQL

ShowStream and ICE

We're sorry, but the online versions of these multimedia authoring tools are no longer available.

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